Hey! Welcome to The Mountain Retreat

Welcome to The Mountain Retreat

We look forward to welcoming you to the The Mountain Retreat in Tiruvannamalai and ensuring you an unforgettable stay that you will cherish forever.

The Mountain Retreat is the realisation of a dream and the start of a great adventure.At the heart of the project is the idea that there is a way to live and work that seamlessly harmonises the irrepressible human instinct to work, learn and evolve, with the energy and rhythm of the natural world.

At a time of escalating violence and tension there is also an intense quest for peace worldwide. People are seeking for spiritual places and practices which have offered solace through the ages. Individuals and communities are hungering for ways, new and old, to build connections, to go beyond "them" and "us", to heal self, others and the planet. Amid the glamour and clamour for material goods all of us are longing to plumb the depths of stillness and silence. All over the universe there are signs that nature is calling us back to ourselves, calling us back home.

We look forward to sharing our dream with you.

Important Places to Visit

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