Hey! Welcome to The Mountain Retreat.

Who we are?

The Mountain Retreat is a magical and idyllic place created and designed to provide a natural and supportive environment for groups, couples and individuals to relax, renew and restore well-being. We are known for, and pride ourselves on, doing everything possible to make the group instructor’s work effective and the guest’s stay magical.

The Mountain Retreat is an exclusive, intimate and secluded retreat offering superior mind-body-spirit experiences along with sensual tropical harmony to every guest. The Mountain Retreat offers serenity, seclusion and security to ensure relaxing and renewing yoga and wellness retreats, as well as professional retreats, teacher trainings and workshops.

Deep thought and consideration was given to the placement and location of every structure at The Mountain Retreat, so as to remain “at-one” with the spirit of the land, with minimal environmental impact. The Mountain Retreat has been built without mechanical equipment compromising the virgin jungle and every structure has been hand-built using traditional construction methods. The planning of The Mountain Retreat took into consideration the environment AND the quality of your experience.

From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you will be cared for and nurtured. Come experience for yourself the world-famous The Mountain Retreat Magic!

Coming to The Mountain Retreat is like coming home. My body returns to the earth, my mind mesmerized by the rhythms of the ocean and my spirit flies in this magical place.